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 Fraud Alert - Misdial Trap  Updated November 21st 2014
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    Misdial Trap - NEW!
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    Misdial Trap - 11/21/2014

    In a ploy that is similar to a phishing attempt, fraudsters are purchasing phone numbers that are close to that of local businesses. When a customer misdials to this invalid number, the criminals pretend they are customer service for the mimicked company and use social engineering techniques to collect personally identifiable customer information. At times the fraudster will offer a free gift for their assistance.

    While this has not happened to Oneida Savings Bank, we want to alert our customers to the potential for this kind of fraud situation. As the holidays approach, criminal attempts to acquire customer information and commit fraud increase. Always remember you should not give out financial information such as checking account and debit or credit card numbers—and especially your Social Security Number—on the phone unless you initiate the call and know the person or organization you're dealing with.

    Please contact us immediately at (315) 363-2000 if you feel that you may have been a victim of any fraud attempt.


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